Body Lyft System offers a variety of body treatments in Carmel, IN

Do you want a more lifted and toned body, lifted, firmed or smoother skin, a more youthful face, or reduce the toxins in your body? If so, join our community at Body Lyft System in Carmel, IN. We customize body and facial treatments to meet your unique needs.

Customizable Treatment Plans Just For You!

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Body contouring treatments will hit every part of your muscles more effectively than any workout

You will work with us to see results in only 90 days, or perhaps as few as 30 to 60. We will use a 3D, 360-degree body scanner to measure your body, then provide your BMI, basal metabolic rate and comparisons to others your age. Next, we'll come up with a course of non-invasive body treatments like vacuum glute lifting, muscle stimulation or fat reduction.

Arrange for your consultation at our body and facial treatment spa right away. We'll provide a $50 discount on your first treatment.

Customizable Treatments Just For You

For more than 11 years, people have been relying on our spa for health- as well as anti-aging and rejuvenating facial and body treatments. Our spa's treatments:

They will also help you reduce stress, meet your health and fitness goals and anti-aging goals to improve your body. To explore everything we have to offer, such as infrared sauna sessions or skin tightening treatments, schedule a free consultation now.