I recently tried the EMS and RF treatment and within a few weeks started seeing results. It really works. And the staff is very nice. They customized the treatment plan according to my body and I appreciate everything they did to help me achieve my goal.


My experience here has been great! The owner is very nice and accommodating. She customized my treatments to address my specific problem areas. With a combination of eating healthier, exercising and getting the treatments I have lost 10lbs and gained 3lbs of muscle in about two months. The combination of changing my lifestyle and the treatments here have helped firm my loose skin, firm and tone my arms, stomach and legs. We used the EMS, Muscle Stimulation, 4D Laser, along with infrared sauna and their vibration machine. I would definitely recommend this place to anyone who is working to make some healthy changes and build their confidence by getting in shape! #getsnatched ?

Alisa L.

Great service, clean facility and fun staff. Always meet my expectations and more.

Chris M.

This facility is very nice and the staff are all very helpful. Angie and Michelle both make me feel super comfortable whenever I come in. They have fantastic skincare products and I really enjoy the Torc treatments. If you're interested in any type of fitness or skin care services, 7e Fit Spa of Carmel is where you should go!!!

McKenzie D.

I love the beautiful staff and the clean, organized environment. Definitely my favorite spa in town! Give the torc sessions a try - there is literally nothing else out there like it.

Sare N.

Great staff! Amazing experience! Cannot wait to go back!

Katie S.

Angie and Jenny are my favorite humans.

Alexis H.

Thank you Jenny Nichole Uhlik for taking the time to talk about my skin...my aging acne prone skin! She suggested a new regimen to try and I'm so happy for her knowledge and passion for what she does.

Teresa N.

Want to look and feel better? Go see Angie, Michelle and the rest of the 7e Fit Spa team! They are very professional and will help you reach your goals. All of their services provide great results. 7e Fit Spa is your go-to spa for all of your skincare and body contouring needs!

Kaitlyn D.

i love coming to see kaitlynn and angie. i was having so many problems with my face starting to look and feel very old and saggy. my cheeks and around my mouth were really horrible. i had my first miccrocurrent facial with kaitlynn and i will never look back. instant results. it's made a incredible difference to my face. i now get them regularly and it's worth every penny. angie set up some awesome skin care products for my skin type and i've loved them all. all in all i recommend them to anyone and everyone who likes to receive facials. love this place.

Ashleigh A.

Love the professional, yet personal, services I get with Laurey Ann. She listens to my questions about what I want to work on most, and helps me get great results. Definitely feel pampered. Wish I could visit every day! I almost feel like I'm cheating!

Margie D.

The staff here is amazing and really care about giving great customer service. I received a facial and could see a huge difference in my skin by the time I left, it was practically glowing! Angie was also a great help in recommending an everyday cleanser for my skin and I've been obsessed with it ever since!

Laura Z.

Had a number of dermabrasions and facials in my time but Jenny was so good, really considerate of my sensitive skin, highly recommended certain products, and I cant wait to try their other treatments as they sound amazing.
What I did love before I even went, was their attitude on the phone.. so friendly as well as professional!

Deborah R.

Awesome help! I always enjoy my appointments and the knowledgeable people that work there. Great place for these services.

Rhonda K.

The staff is very helpful and cordial! The facility is very clean! Thank you!

Jennifer M.

I've been using the sauna at Body Lyft System for 4 years and notice a huge difference in mental clarity immediately afterwards. The sauna usage has greatly improved my overall health and body detoxification. I recently started using the Oxygen bar and can also immediately tell a difference in mental clarity and a boost of energy that lasts through the day. Office staff is extremely friendly, knowledgeable and helpful. Thank you for your services!!

Ashley A.

I went for my first sessions today. From the moment I walked in I was impressed. It really did feel like I was at the spa. I purchased one month of treatments and I couldn't be more happy. I can't wait for my before and after pics.

Crystal M.

The staff is very professional. They take the time to answer all my questions. Results are phenomenal within just 3 visits!

Bianca H.

I have been loving my laser lipo! I saw an immediate reduction in my waistline while following the treatments and protocols. The staff is also very helpful and lovely!

Krista L.

The staff is very nice and the facility are very clean and sanitized.

Beverly M.

The staff is AMAZING!!! Also kind, professional, and welcoming. p.s If you need an EXCEPTIONAL FACIAL,
make sure to see Adriana...She's SENSATIONAL!

Adriane Y.

Hailey & Steve are great. Very knowledgeable and super nice. Fun atmosphere too!

Kristine K.

I love the staff and services offered at Body Lyft System- carmel!! I just got a Lash Lift and Tint today and I am LOVING the results!

Brigitte M.

The skin care is awesome. Nice staff.


A great Friendly place! I loved my facial!!

NannySpiration (GLO-KIDZ)

The staff here is very helpful and really cares about finding you the services and products you need. I received a facial and couldn't believe the results! The staff also took the time to recommend products for my skin to help keep it looking great, even between appointments.

Laura Z.

I have been visiting Body Lyft (7E Fit Spa) for nearly 3 years. I love the staff and the services they offer! Last year, I strayed away from my routine of Saunas/ Torcs/ Cavi's to try cool sculpting, unfortunate for me because after 2 sessions and $1500 later, I saw no results . For around the same cost, I could of had amazing results in 2 months at Body Lyft.

Danette C.

I love this place! The girls are always so sweet and absolutely amazing. I love getting torcs done right before a big event or vacation. 7e Fit Spa has a great selection of services! Ask for Angie, she's the best!

Brittany D.

I love this place! The staff is awesome, and Torc treatments are my favorite. I would definitely recommend 7e Fit Spa Carmel!

McKenzie D.

I had Laurey and she was amazing. So kind and sweet and did an amazing job on my face:)

Kimberly L.

Marvel C

Jeff C

Michelle G

stinkersBree chargeWidener

Diane J

C Berryhill

Steve Y

Kaitlynn A

Angeline C

Charles V

Jameshia E


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