Ways To Protect Your Skin This Summer

Ways To Protect Your Skin This Summer | Body Lyft System

Ways To Protect Your Skin This Summer

Protect Your Skin – Summer is the perfect time to relax, sit outside, and enjoy the sun. However, most of us are guilty of forgetting to use proper precautions when it’s time to enjoy the sun’s rays. Sun protection is a crucial part of making sure your skin stays happy and healthy.

So while it is fun to sit outside on beautiful, sunny summer days, remember that the sun’s ultraviolet rays damage your skin, causing sunburn, unsightly sun spots, wrinkles, and, in some cases, skin cancer. So what are some great ways to help protect your skin this summer?


1. Use Sunscreen Regularly

Exposure to ultraviolet radiation is a major risk factor for most skin cancers. So where do a majority of UV rays come from? Well, sunlight is the main source of UV rays, which is why it’s so important to protect your skin when you’re going out in the sun.

The best time to apply sunscreen is 15-30 minutes before going outside, and it should be reapplied every 2 hours. Don’t forget to use lip balm or lipstick that contains sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30. Additionally, if you plan to swim be sure to use water-resistant sunscreen and reapply when you get out of the water.


2. Wear a Hat

In addition to sunscreen, hats are a great way to protect your skin from the sun. A hat protects the top of your head, where you can’t apply sunscreen.

Additionally, they offer added protection for your face and neck, often at the most at risk for skin damage. Wide brim hats are the best, as they provide a significant amount of shade for your face.


3. Stay in the Shade

When you aren’t tanning, make sure to seek shade. If you are planning to go to the beach, or any other outdoor area, make sure to bring an umbrella.

The best way to protect your skin from the sun is to limit exposure when it’s possible. If you can limit your time out in the sun to a few hours a day, with shade when needed, it can help protect your skin from too much sun exposure.


4. Avoid Reflective Surfaces

A few factors that affect how damaging the UV rays include time of day, altitude, and reflective surfaces. Reflective surfaces, such as water, snow, and sand, increase your risk of sun damage because these surfaces reflect up to 85% of the sun’s rays.

If you’ve ever wondered why you burn so easily at the beach, it’s because sand is a reflective surface. If you can’t avoid these reflective surfaces, make sure every exposed body part has sunscreen, and remember to wear a hat or a cap to protect your skin.


The Sun Protection Takeaway

Body Lyft System Ways To Protect Your Skin This Summer

All in all, sun protection is extremely important. After all, your skin is your body’s largest organ, so protecting it should be one of your priorities. The best way to do this is by using sunscreen, wearing hats and other protective clothing, staying in the shade, and avoiding reflective surfaces.

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