Body Lyft System Eyelash Studio

A simple, easy way to get the long, full eyelashes you have always wanted.

Eyelash extensions a quick and easy way to provide you will fuller eyelashes. The main benefit of eyelash extensions is that you no longer need mascara to have thick, full eyelashes!

The eyelashes used are synthetic and are adhered in a semi-permanent method. This allows the recipient to choose the length, thickness, curl, and style of lashes they want – and later change their style (if they desire).

The lashes are attached to each individual natural eyelash. We only use high-grade, formaldehyde free, low/no-fume adhesive.

The lashes shed with your own natural eyelashes. On average, you shed 2-5 natural lashes per eye, per day. If you rub your eyes, you may shed lashes more frequently. Due to the natural shedding, you will need fill appointments in order to maintain your extensions. At your first appointment, you will receive a full set of lashes and every 2 – 6 weeks, you will need to get fills to keep your lashes looking full.

Lash extensions are non-damaging and will are 100% waterproof (after 24 hours from the time of application). After your appointment, your lashes and the adhesive used will need 24 hours to cure. It is important to not wash your eyes, submerge your face, sweat excessively, or go to a sauna during this time.

Our Carmel, Indiana location is currently accepting appointments for eyelash extensions. To schedule an appointment, click here. 

Individual results may vary.


All first-time clients (for eyelash extensions) will receive $50 off (available for a limited time only)!

  • $200 for a full set
  • $75 for a two-week fill
  • $85 for a three-week fill
  • $95 for a four-week fill
  • $15 for professional removal



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