Best Glute Enhancement Treatments

Best Glute Enhancement Treatments

Best Glute Enhancement Treatments

Glute enhancement treatment is any method which is used to increase the mass of gluteal muscles. Gluteal muscles are a group of three muscles make up the buttocks. There are many glute enhancement treatments available in the market but physicians and surgeons recommend Butt Enhancement Vacuum (BEV) Therapy.

Why it is recommended?

It is a non-surgical and non-evasive procedure. It works by stimulation of your gluteal muscles for a relatively short period of time. Body Lyft Glutes therapy can help you in increasing the volume of gluteal muscles by 1-3 inches in your very first training session of 30 minutes. Body Lyft Glutes therapy is completely safe and comfortable. You will experience no pain and more importantly, there won’t be a downtime.

How does it work?

A cup will be placed on the targeted area during your Body Lyft Glutes therapy. The device being used works by maintaining negative pressure within the cup. This allows for continuous closing and opening of the cup for promoting skin respiration. This increases the oxygen intake of skin which strengthens the gluteal muscles and makes them initiate muscle growth. At the same time, the cup will be pulsated for creating high-frequency vibrations. These will lead to a stretch reflex within the gluteal muscles. Hence your gluteal muscles will involuntary contact, this would be analogous to physical exercise without actually working out.

Just ten minutes of this pulsated involuntary contraction is equivalent to sixty minutes of traditional exercise. On top of that, your body won’t sweat. On average Body Lyft Glutes therapy sessions take 45-50 minutes which depends on the size of the target area which is subjected to treatment. After the Body Lyft Glutes therapy, you will be allowed to have an entire body vibration exercise for 10-15 minutes. In order to maintain the gluteal mass obtained by Body Lyft Glutes therapy, you must make sure that you maintain a healthy lifestyle and do regular exercise. You can have a maximum of 3 Body Lyft Glutes therapy sessions within a week. You have to make sure that after the first 3 sessions, you take a gap of at least 1 week before continuing.

Possible Add-ons

You can have Body Lyft Glutes therapy done on multiple body areas at the same time. But for this, you need to make sure that your consequent daily routine incorporates more exercise. If you’d like the most out of Body Lyft Glutes therapy it is highly recommended that you apply Thermal Detoxifying Wrap or a Mini Lipo in addition to the BEV therapy.

Where should you start?

Here at Body Lyft System, highly trained and the best physicians are available. We specialize in Butt Enhancement Vacuum (BEV) Therapy and we promise to deliver measurable results. You will start seeing improvement from the very first session. We care about your safety that is why we have only the best and state of the art equipment. Our fees are highly competitive and we assure quality performance. Good News! You can now get a $50 gift card and free consultation by simply filling out this form. Well, what are you waiting for?

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