5 Parts of Your Body You Can Contour

5 Parts of Your Body You Can Contour

Getting rid of apparent skin flaws instantly might not be possible for you but you can always change the way they look.  Say hello to the power of body contouring, choose the area of your body and sport a longer, swan-like neck, add definition to your cleavage, give your abs definition and make your arms and legs look toned. Read the entire article to learn how you can look better without actually hitting the gym or refusing that cupcake.

Often cheekbones, lips, and nose are where the contour is applied but you can use it on your other body parts as well. If you know how to do contouring properly you can completely change the way you look in a few minutes. With the advancement in the fashion industry, you can now contour your body from head to toe. Here, we have put together a list of 5 parts of your body which you can contour.

1. Neck

The neck is one of your most exposed body parts hence it plays an important role in defining your overall look. Hence, it is important that you take extra care in contouring your neck. You need to begin by getting a contour cream and preparing a contour palette. The trick here is to use a contour color which is darker than your actual skin tone. This will help in creating an effect of visual depth. You need to then apply it by making a V shape with the help of a brush. After that, you need to draw lines by using a highlighter. This will highlight or enhance the look of your contour. The final step is to use your fingers to gently blend in the contour and the highlighter with your skin. You need to be careful when you are blending for if you make a critical mistake, you might have to do it all over again.

2. Collarbone

Most women prefer to contour their collarbones and breasts at the same time. But if you are not intending to wear a dress which shows off your cleavage but flaunts your collarbone then this is the right pick for you. You can use a contour powder or similar contour products in combination with a highlighter for contouring your collarbones.

3. Breasts

Contouring breasts is one of the most popular forms of contouring today. There are many different ways for contouring your breasts. Some methods tend to give a more dramatic appearance to the cleavage by applying highlight lines various contour. While other methods tend to give a less dramatic and a subtle look by applying less contour and highlight lines.

4. Abs

You can contour your abs as well. You can even give them a more muscular look if you want to. However, if you choose to contour your abs then you need to ensure the following,

  • You must not go swimming as it will wash off your contour.
  • You must flex a little while you are applying the contour. This will get you the best results.

5. Legs

The simplest of all body contouring is the leg contouring. All you need is a highlighter and a temporary bronzer. You need to apply the highlighter along the tibia bone while rubbing the bronzer on your leg. Then you should use your fingers to gently blend them. This will give your legs the look you want. Read this article for more tips to enhance your legs and glutes.

Reach out to Body Lyft System for Body Contouring

Now, while you may not be able to add actual, physical volume through contouring like you can through exercise, there are a few things you can do. Just like you can give yourself more prominent cheekbones through contouring the hollows of your cheeks and highlighting certain segments. Reach out to Body Lyft System to schedule your first consultation and see if it’s a good fit for you.


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