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What Is A 02 Lift Facial?

What Is A 02 Lift Facial?

Many celebrities have confessed that the secret of their glamorous look is simply oxygen, and routinely have reaped the benefits of oxygen facials. Dermatologists and estheticians are well aware of the benefits of oxygen and they often recommend oxygen treatments to their beauty enthusiast clients.

Oxygen peels have been transforming complexions for years now. The only difference now is that oxygen procedures are much more effective and show better results. Today we will discuss with you how you can improve your skin by doing oxygen treatments.

How skin can benefit from oxygen?

Oxygen offers many benefits for a radiant and healthy complexion. It helps in revitalizing the appearance of a collagen depleted skin and it helps in cleaning out clogged pores. It adds brightness to an otherwise lackluster complexion and clarifies a troubled skin. A proper oxygen facial will deliver an amazing glow and will give you nan uplifted and fresh overall look. After the oxygen treatment, you will look like you have just emerged from a long, relaxing day at a high-end spa.

How to get an Effective Oxygen Skin Treatment?

Unfortunately, some people have received so-called oxygen treatments which constituted of simple sheet masks and oxygen blowing machines with poor results.

A good oxygen treatment will include premium skincare formulas which contain high-performance ingredients such as peptides for boosting skin along with oxygen and plant-derived stem cells. And then the treatment is done by a professional, for it is the precision and care which make all the difference.

How Body Lyft System can help?

At Body Lyft System we believe in providing quality service and getting the best results. Our staff is highly experienced and well trained. Our professionals follow a four-step process for rejuvenating your skin and making it glow.


First, we use an exquisite textured gel-to-milk cleanser which doesn’t contain any sulfates, acids, or parabens. This is an oil-based formula which will remove any impurities from the skin surface. It will then optimize the delicate pH of the skin.


Then we use an enzymatic facial peel. It gently and thoroughly exfoliates the skin by eliminating the superficial dead skin cells. Our professionals will then message it away so that the dead skin cells may be rolled away. It will then reveal the healthy and fresh looking cells from underneath.


Then we will use oxygen. We use a revolutionary O2 lift oxygenating mask which effervesces when applied. It uses a unique foam burst technology for creating an illuminated skin. The best part is that this is done in a matter of minutes. This mask delivers oxygen to the skin. Hence, it instantly purifies, energizes, and brightens the appearance of skin.


Then our professionals will feed your skin with O2 lift stem cell enhancer. It is a plant-based stem cell blend which instantly plumps up the appearance of skin.

If you are looking for an O2 lift facial then you should reach out to Body Lyft System. Our procedures are very safe and our estheticians are well-experienced.

The easiest way to book an appointment is to call any of our locations to find an available time that works with your schedule. You can also book online (with some of our locations) by visiting this page. If you are new to Body Lyft System, we are offering Free $50 Gift Card & Free Consultation for a limited time so hurry up! What are you waiting for?